1. Snow Removal & Management — Rock Salt vs. Ice Melt?

    Each winter, homeowners and businesses alike are often advised to stock up on rock salt or ice melt. These products allow them to eliminate the snow and ice on walkways, driveways, and parking lots and keep people safe from slips and falls. While people often assume that these two are one in the sam…Read More

  2. Residential Snow Removal Tips

    Keep this simple snow removal tips in mind this winter. If you are in the Beaverton area and in need of snow removal or snow management services, give us a call 330-299-4404. Invest In A Quality Shovel The first step in residential snow removal is to invest in a quality shovel. While some equipment …Read More

  3. Commercial Snow Removal Tips

    The greater Akron area gets around 47 inches of snow a year. While that has quite the impact on homes and driveways, businesses and commercial properties seem to struggle the most. If you are the owner of a commercial property, you likely already know exactly what we mean — slipping, shoveling sno…Read More