As homeowners know, the key to a healthy, green, and lush lawn is smart and regular fertilization. But do you know what kind of fertilizer to apply? And how much? And when? And do you even have the time?

If you are in need of fertilization services, contact ASE Outdoor Solutions. We are proud to provide the Barberton, Ohio area with superior lawn care services. When we perform fertilizing services, we take a thorough and scientific approach. We will apply the appropriate amount and type at key points and times to maximize and maintain growth.

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Why Hire a Fertilizer Service?

When you hire a professional lawn care team to handle your lawn fertilizing, you get the commitment and knowledge of someone who has time and time again helped lawns reach their full potential.  

Fertilization Services In Barberton

Although almost all lawns need three key fertilizing nutrients—nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium—every lawn has unique fertilization needs. These needs will depend upon factors like type of grass, soil, climate, and region. This is the key benefit of hiring a professional lawn care company. They can not only save you time but also help you make the right adjustments for your yard. Particularly, your lawn care experts will be able to expertly weigh in on three key questions:

  • What type of fertilizer to use
  • How much fertilizer to apply
  • When to regularly apply fertilizer

Another great thing about hiring a lawn care company to handle your fertilization service is that they are well equipped with industry-leading materials and equipment, and can make expert and knowledgeable recommendations about other aspects of lawn maintenance.

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