Is your lawn hard and dry? It may need to be aerated. Lawn aeration helps give your lawn the air, water, and nutrients it needs to be healthy, strong, and lush.

Why Is Aeration Needed?

Lawn aerating helps your lawn breathe. Due to soil compaction, thatch build-up, your lawn can become hard, dry, and unhealthy. Lawn aeration is the process of ensuring that the roots of your grass get the air, water, and nutrients they need to be strong and healthy. When you properly aerate your lawn, you also increase your lawns ability to absorb fertilization and heat, thereby improving the quality of your lawn.

How Can I Tell If I Need Aeration Services?

If you haven’t had your lawn aerated in a while, it probably could use it, especially if your soil is highly compacted and hard. One simple way to test if your yard needs aeration is to drive a shovel or screwdriver into your lawn. If you can do this without any trouble, your soil is fine. If not, aeration is needed.

There are two key ways to aerate your lawn: spike aeration and core aeration. Spike aeration is done with a spiked roller, whereas core aeration—or plug aeration—is done when holes are “cored” out of the soil.

Barberton, Ohio Lawn Aeration Services

If you don’t have the equipment, expertise, or time to handle your own lawn aeration, contact Barberton’s go-to lawn care company—ASE Outdoor Solutions. Our lawn care specialist can thoroughly aerate your lawn, allowing it to breathe again.

Our team takes pride in providing effective and efficient lawn aeration services. Give us a call today at 330-299-4404 to learn more, to get a free estimate, or to schedule your lawn care services.

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