Summer is in full swing, which means the high and dry heat can pose quite the threat to your lawn. Hopefully, your lawn is looking great and providing the perfect outdoor space for taking in these long summer nights.

To ensure your lawn stays healthy this summer, ASE Outdoor Solutions would like to share with you some summer lawn care tips. Headquartered in Barberton, Ohio, we are a lawn care company proudly offering lawn care and landscaping services to a variety of areas in Northeastern Ohio. Contact us today to schedule your landscaping or lawn care service.

How Much Water Does My Lawn Need?

There is perhaps no other time on the calendar more important for lawn watering than the summer. To stay healthy and maintain its vibrant fullness, your lawn needs roughly one inch of water per week. If you are wondering how you can ensure that your lawn gets this much water, there are a number of techniques. For example, depending on the type of irrigation and watering system you use, one potential option is to put a can or container in each of your irrigation zone and measure how much water you are giving your lawn. 

Additionally, keep in mind that if your lawn is sloped or is in a peculiar location, it may require more water. Conversely, if it is heavily shaded, it may not need much water. In almost all cases, opting for deep waterings over frequent, shallow waterings will be more beneficial.

Summer Lawn Diseases And Problems To Look Out For

Without enough water, proper fertilization, or aeration, your lawn will begin to experience drought damage. If you notice that your grass has changed colors and that it doesn’t spring back up when you step on it, this may be a sign that your lawn is suffering from drought damage. Another thing to look out for is lawn disease. Summer is prime time for lawn diseases, and common signs include spots, stunted growth, and patches of dead grass. Below are perhaps the three most common types of lawn disease.

  • Dollar Spot — Caused by a fungus that lives in the soil, this fungal disease if common with Bermuda grass. It causes the grass to appear straw-colored, roughly in the shape of a silver dollar.  When left untreated, these spots can grow together, creating large patches of dead-looking grass. Unlike many other lawn diseases, this can be treated without fungicide through the addition of more nitrogen.
  • Brown Patch — Perhaps the most destructive lawn disease on this list, brown patch lawn disease spreads quickly. What starts out as little circles of brown surrounded by a dark ring can quickly take over huge portions of your lawn. To fight this, there are a variety of great lawn care fungicides. Contact your local lawn care professionals to learn more.
  • Zoysia Patch  — Zoysia Patch is another soil-borne disease, and it is distinguished by the distinctive orange hue that exists along the circumference of the brown patch. This disease is most common in the spring and fall. However, it looks at its worse in summer. This is a type of disease that will not go away without proper fungicide treatments.

Summer Lawn Mowing

With so much summer behind us, you’ve likely already put in a number of mowing sessions this season. While the image of a perfect summer lawn likely conjures up short, golf-course-like grass, it’s important to not cut your grass too short. During the summer, the grass brings shade to your lawn’s soil, which keeps the heat from quickly evaporating the water. It also allows roots to grow further into the soil, giving your lawn a fuller look.

Cool-season grasses should be kept between a length of three to four inches, whereas warm-season grasses thrive when kept in between one to three inches. Additionally, always mow in different, alternating directions to avoid patterns, and be sure to keep your lawn mower blades nice and sharp.

Looking for Lawn Care in Ohio?

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