Though they seem simple, lawns actually can be quite complicated. Between installation, maintenance, and occasional repairs, they can require quite a bit of work. However, when the right kind of grass is properly installed (and, of course, well-maintained), lawns can be a breeze. With nearly two decades of experience in Ohio lawn installation, we are keenly aware of the local climate, soil conditions, and of the different types of grass and where they thrive, and we leverage this expertise and experience to your advantage. Taking sunlight, shade, your lifestyle, and use into account, our lawn maintenance team finds and installs the best kind of grass to meet your needs.

Our talented and highly experienced team is truly passionate about making our local neighborhoods beautiful through cultivating superior lawns and landscape via our superior lawn services. Working closely with you to ensure that you get the lawn you desire, we will pay close attention to detail and tailor our approach and process to you and your needs and lifestyle. We have helped countless families in the Barberton area create gorgeous and easily maintainable lawns, and we hope for you to be the next.

Call us today to set up a lawn installation project estimate. We look forward to assisting you with all of your lawn installation needs. We also perform a variety of other lawn care services!